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Commercial Food Photography: A Gallery of "Dishes to Die For"!


From the humble but ever popular toasted teacake dribbling melted butter to the most sophisticated, sauce laden culinary creations; Graham can help your menu to spring into life in the mind of your next visitor! Your image and restaurateurs reputation are safe and greatly enhanced by Graham's beautifully tasteful food images.

Food Images That Exceed Expectations

Professional quality food photography is about presenting potential customers with the best possible picture of your dishes. Bright greens, vibrant reds and pure whites will make your food appealing. Make your customers hungry for more with images that flaunt your chef's culinary creations!

Allow people to consider their favourite foods. Let them view a stunning picture book of your recipes and menus. Bring in Graham, one of the North's finest food photographers, to picture your finest fare, add colour to your catering, restaurant, chef or food production facility.

The choice of surface or tablecloth; plates and cutlery are all important image details of food photos that Graham will help you to use to best effect. They contribute, subtly, to the mood and success of your food shots. Your food, restaurant or chef can be styled to suit your needs, your editorial or your advertising budget